Part of making boat graphics work is getting all the piece parts to work together, from hull work, to clothing, to sails and online media. This is especially true when the graphic will be part of a full boat suite - hull-mainsail-foresails-spinnakers.
Class insignia is important as well. Will the graphics be compatible with the class insignia? For this C&C 30 project, the class sail insignia is very large, so we needed to be compatible in color and sizing.
At the outset, the owner wanted to employ a graphic theme he has used for other applications, but our challenge was to come up with something that worked on a horizontal plane. We wanted the graphic to 'pop' on the white hull and provide a sense of movement.
The griffin (el grifo) theme is one that has been covered extensively - from tattoo forms to classic heraldry to tribal art. There was no need to re-invent the wheel. We wanted a base form that would work, and from there went on to reshape, redefine, and come up with the right styling.
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