Accidents happen!  And the rebuild/repair areas will need graphic restoration to bring the boat into full repair.
To get this Hunter Legend 40.5 back to form after the structural repair and hull finish, we'll need to replace sections of the factory installed striping as well as the original branding.  While photographs and on site measurements were helpful in creating the replacement branding, we'd need to dig a little deeper to get the correct letter forms.
After some sleuthing through online Hunter owner forums, we discovered that Hunter no longer supplied the stock Hunter Legend decals.  Using photos supplied by one of the former distributors of the Hunter Legend decals, we recreated all the letter forms.  The striping would need to be inked, as the stock stripes had faded over time, and we wanted the replacement striping sections to blend in with the existing striping.
Good as new, striping in the repaired section has been replaced, along with the branding. 
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