This Offshore 50 came in for commissioning and retrofit in June of 2018. Having recently purchased the boat, the new owners wanted the former decals removed and replaced.  We met with this client on several occasions to discuss possibilities, and methods, exploring everything from gilt film decals, inked decals, cut metal lettering, channel lettering, and application of gilt or film to custom crafted line boards.
For this project we developed over 15 comp's of styling ideas and as many mockups in styles ranging from modern block typography to classical forms
After a few weeks of tweaking and tuning, the owners made a decision to go with the classic (but beefed up) lettering form of the TrajanPro type form.  It was important for them for the decal to cover as much terrain as possible on the transom.  Well, when you scale up art, it grows just as tall.... as wide. So we spaced the characters out so as to cover the entire transom width.
Ultimately the client went with the last comp we produced, and we loved it!   A beautiful velvet black infill with a bright gold back shadow - destined for the transom and the pilot house quarters.
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