This project is the type of assignment every designer dreams about - a completely open slate with no boundaries. Just create! The only parameter was the hull color. A brilliant Lamborghini orange. The TP52, and PAC52 fleets are right up there with the globe trotting multi-hulls when it comes to vibrant graphics, and this project is a bit of a break away for this owner whose previous boats have been dark hulled with simple yet elegant graphics.

The graphic itself will be painted with medium and dark metallic grays so I wanted to hone in on styling that would work with the dark metalics and the luminescent orange hull. I sketched out 4 concepts and in my sketch notes you can read the inspiration for each.
The owner chose the Oscura sketch, so we set to work on getting the sketch refined into a composition that we could mock-up in various sizes and positions. We would need to not only do a tilt-up mock-up but would need to do a full 3D model of the graphic applied to the hull.  The 3D model allows us to see the view of the graphics at all angles.  For this graphic, we wanted to pay special attention to how the curved ends would appear across the hull curvature.
We reshaped some of trailing ends of the arcs, re-positioned the central disc elements and surrounding brush swirls and tooled the leading edge arc to change tangent below the waterline. And to achieve that 'reveal on heel' look, we separated pieces of the brush swirls.  The composition is then spun up to 1:1 scale and carefully inspected to clean up any 'noise' or pathing irregularities.  From this point we can prepare the paint masks. 

As the boat was being built and painted in Dubai, we needed to supply the builder not only everything they would need to print the paint masks locally, but also options in the event of any sizing issues.
Four linear cut options were provided, two at the deck joint and two at the center keel line, and a total of 18 masks covering 3 colors per side and positive and negative masks were issued production files along with paint order instructions.  The result was great!  The waterline location was spot on (blue tape in photo below), the positioning was spot on, and the paint looks fantastic!
PAC52 RIO on her way from the port of Newark to Southern California
PAC52 RIO in San Diego along side her big sister, the 100' Maxi RIO
PAC52 splashed at Driscoll's in San Diego 4/21/17
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